Avi Choice Awards Fashion NOMINATIONS!

AC FB logo alphaYou have found the place to submit YOUR nominees for the 2014 Second Life AVI CHOICE FASHION AWARDS!  Feel free to enter your favorite candidate for any or every category listed below.  You only need to submit ONE nomination form to have them entered for voting.  We do ask that you give us your SL avatar name when submitting nominations, but we’ll keep that information completely confidential.

The deadline for Avi Choice nominee submissions is Saturday, November 15th at noon SLT.  Should it become necessary due to the volume of submissions received, we MAY narrow down the nominees to those who received at least three UNIQUE nominations.  Those finalists will then be put up to vote on Monday, November 17th.  Voting WILL be limited to one vote per avatar/resident, per category.  Avi Choice Fashion Awards voting will close on Monday, December 8th at 3pm SLT.   Winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Fashion Awards Show on Dec. 13th.  Vote count/results WILL be available to those who request them after December 14th, but recipients will need to agree (in email) not to publish the vote count/results on ANY media or social networking site or publication, inworld or out.  We intend to respect the right of all nominees not to have those totals flaunted but will produce them for those who request to see them.

NOTE: Avi Choice Coordinators reserve the right to reject submissions based on various guidelines and/or inaccuracies.  Also please note that once a submission is entered, an attempt is made to notify the nominee that they have been nominated for an Avi Choice Award.  Should that nominee prefer to not participate, the submission will be deleted, per his/her request.  An attempt is made to verify the validity and accuracy of each and every nomination, of which there are literally hundreds.  In the event of an error in name spelling or an error in any part of the verification/nomination process, we do sincerely apologize in advance and invite you to forward a correction to AviChoiceAwards@gmail.com

The nominations and voting results do not reflect the opinions/choices of Avi Choice coordinators, Avi Choice Awards coordinators or staff members. These were nominated and voted on by website visitors and SL residents in hopes of giving their favorites some appreciation and recognition.. NOT for them to declare who is best. Staff of the Avi Choice Awards are not permitted to nominate or vote on Avi Choice Award candidates.


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