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 Avi Choice Variety HallTHIS IS IT!!

We’ve had so many inquiries into the future of the Avi Choice Awards.  It has been a full year for the skeleton crew we keep here at the Avi’s and we’ve not been able to keep the site updated, as we should have.  As announced during last year’s Avi Choice Fashion Awards, we are retiring the Awards, as we know them.  We are talking about continuing our mission forward in some way, but as of this post, we are just in discussion.  But for now.. we have an announcement to make!

On December 4th, 2016 we will host one more Avi Choice Awards!  The GRAND FINALE!  This one will take us back to the early days of our Awards when we had one program a year celebrating as many recipients in all three genre’s as we could.  Our first category we’ll present will be the SLife Awards who were skipped this past summer.  So, this area will have the most categories presented during this winter presentation.

After the SLife Awards are presented, there will be presentation of specific categories in the Fashion and Arts categories.  We’ll be joined by a wonderful array of Second Life performers, musicians and presenters.  There will be some special mentions and moments as we all say our goodbyes to what has become an amazing part of Second Life history.  This program will be the conclusion of the Avi Choice Awards, as we know them.  It’s been a good run and we could not have done it without support and cooperation and input from the amazing virtual community known as Second Life.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please join us by submitting your nominees for this year’s Awards.  Then come back and vote on the finalists and lastly, join us at the Ceremony in December.  There will be lots more info coming in future weeks about the program, but for now here are the details around the awards themselves.

It’s time for the FINAL Avi Choice Awards Nominations!

The nominations have opened for Avi Choice SLife, Arts and Fashion Awards. If you want to submit your favorites to receive an award at this year’s show, now is the time to do it! Follow these links and let us know who you’d like to see put up for vote this year.  Take the time to look through each list of categories to determine if you want to submit nominees in each genre.

the Arts

The deadline for Avi Choice nominee submissions is October 12th at 8pm SLT. All nominations are subject to a final consolidating process.  The process to narrowing down the nominees to a maximum final 10 will include those who have received a minimum of three nominations from three separate individuals as well as nominations and deliberation by a private panel.  Those finalists will then be put up to vote on November 3rd no later than midnight.  The number of candidates per category, for voting, will be no more than 10 nominees.  Voting WILL be limited to one vote per avatar/resident, per category.  The Avi Choice Awards voting will close on November 28th at 3pm SLT.

Winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards Show on December 4th.



ACA arts poster v3The Avi Choice Awards – the Arts Program will be held on Feb 28th, 2016 at 1pm SLT.  As announced in December at the Fashion Awards, the Avi Choice Awards are in the midst of it’s final year and the last Awards show for the Arts is shaping up to be an unforgettable and inspiring experience!  The show will be hosted byT1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  Presenting awards will be Samual Wetherby of Showtime Magazine and SecondLife performer LuvofMusic, for the first set of categories and Designing World’s Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin,  who are this year’s second set of presenters.

Performances at this year’s Arts Awards will be tributes to past and present stars and will bring to the Avi Choice stage, fabulous vocalists:  Phil Setner, Viviana Houston and Jeffah.  Dance troupes and choreographers include Diiar Vader, Myth Raven, Chrissy Rhiano and Royal Flush (Royal Shippe) of the Rompers Dance Troupe and TersiCorps.  Leading us into an amazing finale performance will be a special appearance by Relay For Life’s Stingray Raymaker.

THANK YOU to our fantastic sponsors!  We have had the best response ever from businesses and residents of SL who support us and our quest to applaud favorites in a virtual world.  Without them, we likely wouldn’t be able to present our Avi Choice recipients in such a fun and spectacular way.  Watch this website for interviews with our Premiere and Platinum Sponsors.  The Arts Awards program is brought to you by this year’s

Glamdiosa Designs

Black Horse Country
★Bluesville Station
Image Photography
Purple Gator Rock Club
The River Rock Club
Tiffany’s Nightclub
Whispering Sands Promotions

★DGA – Dirval Greenwood Artists
★LOTE – Living on the Edge
★Nevermore Designs
★Origen’s Hollywood Ballroom
★Southern Comfort Rock Club
★Sweethearts Jazz Club
★Synplicity Rock & Dance Club
★Voodoo Bayou Blues

The show will be broadcast online at http://tunein.com/radio/T1-Radio-s113797/

Gift bags will be available in the Variety Hall Lobby for audience members. Dress code at the Avi Choice Awards is formal. The Avi Choice sims will open to the public following the show and all are invited to the Awards After-Party, which is expected to begin at approximately 3pm SLT and will feature a full concert by the wonderful performer, Viviana Houston.  Audience seating will be limited to accommodate approximately 85 audience attendees. Ticket prices will be 300L and seating location will be chosen by the ticket holder on a first come, first served basis. The Avi Choice Awards sims will be closed to the general public and ticket holders will have access to the region that the audience seating is on, at 10 am SLT on the 28th.

Tickets are SOLD OUT !

Voting closes on February 21st, spread the word to those who haven’t voted yet!  The nominations and voting results do not reflect the opinions/choices of Avi Choice Awards coordinators or staff members. These were nominated and voted on by website visitors and SL residents in hopes of giving their favorites some appreciation and recognition.. NOT for them to declare who is best. Staff of the Avi Choice Awards are not permitted to nominate or vote on Avi Choice Award candidates.


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