*Avi Choice Update

The Show is Over & the Results are IN!

Congratulations to all Winners, nominees and Avi Choice recipients alike.  It’s been an honor to celebrate you all.  Here we present the top 5 in each category and the Voter’s Choice.  Thank you to all today’s performers, presenters, hosts and guests.  Thank you to our Sponsors, advertisers, gift bag sponsors and media partners.  Most of all thanks to the residents of Second Life who took the time to vote and vote and vote and vote.  Here are your top 5 in alphabetical order and the Avi Choice recipients.


Favorite Holiday Store

Boudoir – Precious Restless
Christmas at The House of Avro – Phoebe Avro
Follow Us – Laurent83 Waco
Purple Moon Seasonal – Lua Vendetta
What Next – Winter Thorn – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Furniture Creator

~BAZAR~ Ria Bazar
Cheeky Pea – Isla Gealach
La Galleria – Pamela Galli
Trompe Loeil- Cory Edo – AVI’S CHOICE!
Zen Creations – Zhoie Zimermann

Favorite Kids Furniture

Chunky Monkey – Hanna Redrose
Cozy Stores – Paige Raven
FUNSIES – Rebekah Recreant
Mudd Puddles – Isa-Blue Jellybelly – AVI’S CHOICE!
Snuggle Baby Furniture – Teagan Parnas

Favorite Home Builder

CLOUD N9NE – JasonConners
La Galleria – Pamela Galli
Roost Homes – RoostHomes Resident
Scarlet Creative – Charlotte Bartlett
Trompe Loeil – Cory Edo – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Home Accessories

Apple Fall – warehouse15 Resident
Death Row Designs – Jaimy Hancroft
Floorplan – Tegan Serin
PrimPossible – Ample Clarity
what next – Winter Thorn – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Commercial Design

Abiss Design – Frasha Boa & Oggy Bonetto
BBX Design – Aymec Millet
Fanatik – Kendra Zaurak – AVI’S CHOICE!
Neurolab Inc – Ono Zinner

Favorite Full Perm Mesh Designer

.:UR:. Building Components – Laurie Gothly
3d Republic – Anthonys Republic / Katelyn Barom
Katy’s Kreations – Katy Dirkle
Meli Imako – Meli Imako – AVI’S CHOICE!
T-3D Creations – Hanti Loxely

Favorite Garden / Landscaping Store

Botanical – Kriss Lehmann – AVI’S CHOICE!
Hayabusa Design – Mitsuko Kytori
Heart Garden Centre – Lilith Heart
Studio Skye – Alex Bader
Two Moon Gardens – Bunnie Badger

Favorite Sim Designer/Creator

Lauren Bentham
Lovely Dawes
Luis Lockjaw
NevaCrystall Resident – AVI’S CHOICE!
Sera Bellic

Favorite Sim to Explore Through

Elysion – Syn Beresford
Garden of Dreams – Kayle Matzerath
Grand Canyon – Lisisme Dubrovna
Madpea – Kiana Writer – AVI’S CHOICE!
Sanctuary – Stevie Basevi

Favorite Wedding Venue

Celestinas Weddings – Sofia Corleone
Heart’s Desire Weddings & Events – Spence Corwin
Now and Forever Weddings – Foxie Dinzeo
Star Crossed Weddings – Juliet Moonshadow
Timeless Weddings – Jules Shamrock and Sam55 Dayafter – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Wedding Coordinator

Celestinas Weddings – Sofia Corleone
Heart’s Desire Weddings & Events – SpenceCorwin Resident
Now and Forever – XTrishaX Jewell
Timeless Weddings – Jules Shamrock and Sam55 Dayafter – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Place to Take a Date

Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk and Truck Merideth – AVI’S CHOICE!
Elysion – Syn Beresford
New York – New York Piano Lounge – Xtern01 Resident
Chapel of Dreams – Morgaine Faith
Snuggles Forest – Teagan Parnas

Favorite Role Play Sim

Elite Riding Academy – Cherry Lastchance
Mysterium’s Masked Mansion – Uri Jefferson
New England 1930s – Raylee Criss & Jared Lukas
Rock a bye Babies Birthing Center and Maternity Clinic – Robinnurse Rowlands
Sanctuary – Stevie Basevi – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Adult Venue

Amatsu Lounge – walterwhiteSr – AVI’S CHOICE!
BAD COMPANY MUSIC CLUB – MysticBeauty and Ricardo
Blade’s Edge BDSM Community – Ducky Luckstone and Dallas Firelyte
DIRTY TALK VOICE SEX LOUNGE – Stephanie Steamweaver
Elysion – Syn Zane

Favorite Adult Sim

Blade’s Edge BDSM Community – Casidei and Ducky Luckstone
DIRTY TALK VOICE SEX LOUNGE – Stephanie Steamweaver
Elysion – Syn Zane – AVI’S CHOICE!
RoseWould Plantation Sex, Swinger & Nude Beach – Rose Maiman
Sanctuary CCS Sim – Stevie Basevi

Favorite Shopping Region

Collabor88 – Octagons Yazimoto – AVI’S CHOICE!
Marvelous Events Shopping District – Apollo & Pam Nightshadow
Mimi’s Choice – Mimi Juneau
Tresor Couture Management – KarenSunshine Renierd

Favorite Blog or Website, Overall

Awesome Breed Creations – http://awesomebreedcreations.com
Calas Galadhon Park – https://calasgaladhon.com/
Fabulously Free in SL – https://fabfree.wordpress.com/
SeraphimSL – http://seraphimsl.com/AVI’S CHOICE!
Strawberry Singh – http://StrawberrySingh.com

Favorite SL Social Network Site or Community Forum

Avatar Social Network – Arkad Baxton ~ https://www.avatarsocialnetwork.com
KittyCatS! Community Forum – Callie Cline
Moolto – VampirePam
SLUniverse – Cristiano Midnight – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Blogger, Overall

Hikaru Enimo
Infinity Breil
Shari Cortes
Strawberry Singh – AVI’S CHOICE!
Violette Ravinelli

Favorite SL Sporting Event

Equine Island Horse Show – A1arica and neternal – AVI’S CHOICE!
Seven Springs Farm & Classic Horse/Pony Shows – Wickman Gibbs and Montana Ballard
Snail Racing – RacerX Gullwing
Virtual Attitude Wrestling – Vince Aftermath

Favorite Gacha Event

Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Niccii Nitely
Gacha Good Events – Isabelle Sperber
The Arcade Gacha – Katharine McGinnis – Octagons Yazimoto – AVI’S CHOICE!
The Epiphany – The Epiphany

Favorite Shopping Event

Collabor88 – Octagons Yazimoto – AVI’S CHOICE!
Fantasy Faire- Elizabeth Tinsley / Relay For Life of Second Life
Hair Fair – Sasy Scarborough
The Arcade Gacha – Katharine McGinnis / Octagons Yazimoto
uber – Truth Hawks

Favorite Holiday Event

Christmas @ Calas Galadhon Park – Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith – AVI’S CHOICE!
KittyCatS! & Friends Advent Calendar – Callie Cline and KittyCats Resident
Peace On Earth Hunt – Tivayah
Pumpkin Town – chloe seljan and Taylor Flanagan
Xmas Expo – Nuala Maracas / Relay For Life of Second Life

Favorite Annual Event

Fantasy Faire – Elizabeth Tinsley
Hair Fair – Sasy Scarborough – AVI’S CHOICE!
Relay For Life – Stingray9798 Raymaker
Rock Your Rack – Jamee Sandalwood
SL Birthday Celebration – Doc Gascoigne

Favorite Customer Service

Awesome Breed Creations – Darcul Bellic and Stephanie Merrienboer
Azure Islands Commerce – Candy Azure
KittycatS – Callie Cline – AVI’S CHOICE!
Scarlet Creative – Charlotte Bartlett
Wild Kajara – QueenFelinea

Favorite Vehicles – Land, Sea, Air

[sau]Motors – NiR McBride
Gone In 60 Seconds Customs – StephenS60
JJ Cycles – jimmiejax
Surplus Motors – Jules Catlyn
The Mesh Shop – Bandit – Sepph – Dutch – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Land (Rent or Sell) Company

Azure Islands Estate – Candy Azure – AVI’S CHOICE!
Chung Estates – Victoria Chung
Dream Seeker Estates – Zeebster Colasanti
Second Lifestyles Estates – Marina Breeze
Willowdale Estates – Imagin Illyar

Favorite Hunt Organizer

Dove Hunt – Palomma Casanova
enMESHed Hunts – Zoey Evanier
HUNT SL – Rosamoo
MadPea – Kiana Writer – AVI’S CHOICE!
Peace On Earth Hunt – tiviyah

Favorite Gaming Location

Stella’s Skill Gaming – Stella
Thirsty Camel Gaming Oasis – Firey Camel – AVI’S CHOICE!
UNIA the game – Kiana Writer

Favorite Non-Breedable Pet Creator

Jian – Kalia Firelyte and Ashur Constantine
Magic Emerald – Taisha Emerald
VKC – Virtual Kennel Club – Enrico Genosse
Zooby – Carrie tatsu – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Breedable Market

Breeders Choice – xTwisted1x Resident – AVI’S CHOICE!
Elite Equestrian – Cherry Lastchance
Seven Springs Farm – Montana Ballard
The Kat Shack – Dolome Demonia
The ScratchN Post – LickN Wonder

Favorite Breedable

Amaretto Ranch Breedables – Josaphine Cooperstone
Awesome Breed Creations – Darcul Bellic and Stephanie Merrienboer
KittyCatS! – Callie Cline / KittyCats resident – AVI’S CHOICE!
Meeroos – Moxie Palano
WK Wild Kajaera – Jaed Cartier / Kay Rembrandt / Random Nirvana

Favorite Second Life Group

Builder’s Brewery – Sensuous Maximus & Supremius Maximus – AVI’S CHOICE!
Firestorm Support English – Jessica Lyon
KittyCatS! Addicts – Callie Cline, Equinox Pinion, Kittycats
MadPeas – Kiana Writer
Relay For Life Volunteers – Relayforlife AmericanCancer

Favorite Full Perm Animations

101 Delmations – Dellybean North
Abranimations – Abramelin Wolfe – AVI’S CHOICE!
Clutter for Builders – Kat Alderson
Kabuki ~ Pose Animations & Full Perm – Naku Nishi
RNP Animations – RohanaRaven Zerbino

Favorite Male AO Creator

Akeyo – artoo Magneto
ORACUL – daiz Papp
Vista Animations – Vista Barnes – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Female AO Creator

akeyo – artoo Magneto
Kuso – Oracul Animation AO – daiz Papp (daisy.saeed)
TUTY’S MOCAP ANIMATIONS – Haimrich Fredriksson
Vista – Vista Barnes – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Texture Store

Cupids Textures,Meshes and Gacha Goodies – Sweet Valentine
Distressed Textures – Jewell Lamourfou
E&D Engineering / Primmersive – Eryn Republic & Texture Engineer
Kushi Textures – Kushi Vyper
Studio Skye – Alex Bader – AVI’S CHOICE!
Timeless Textures – Xzavia Yifu



Favorite Jewelry Store

.: Zuri Jewelry :. – Zuri Rayna
EarthStones – Abraxxa Anatine – AVI’S CHOICE!
Mandala – kikunosuke Eel
Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer
RealEvil Industries – crashnoww

Favorite Female Skin Designer

DeeTaleZ – Steffi Villota
Glam Affair – Aida Ewing – AVI’S CHOICE!
L’etre – Dam1710
LAQ – Mallory Cowen
WOW Skins – Sawsan Secretspy

Favorite Cosmetics Designer

alaskametro – Alaska Metropolitan
IZZIE’S – Izzie Button – AVI’S CHOICE!
L’etre – Dam1710
SlackGirl – SlackGirl
WoW Skins – sawsan SecretSpy

Favorite Male Skin Designer

Belleza – Tricky Boucher & Shyla Diggs
Clef de Peu – Marcopol Oh
L’Etre – Dam1710 – AVI’S CHOICE!
SAMURAI – Primrosestar
Tellaq – Tellaq Guardian

Favorite Male Hair Designer

Argrace – Rika Oyen
Dura – Chiaki Xue
Exile – Kavar Cleanslate
Taketomi – Bella Earst
Truth – Truth Hawks – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Female Hair Designer

Argrace – rika Oyen
Little Bones – Nova Faerye
Magika – Sabina Gully
no_match – Viking
Truth – Truth Hawks – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Female Mesh Body Store

Belleza – Tricky Boucher
Maitreya – Onyx Leshelle – AVI’S CHOICE!
SLINK – Siddean Munro
TheMeshProject – TheMeshProject Resident
Tonic – Fizz Savira

Favorite Female Avatar Component Store

CATWA – Catwa Clip – AVI’S CHOICE!
IKON – Ikon Innovia
LAQ – Mallory Cowen
Lelutka – Minnu Palen
SLink – Siddean Munro

Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Female

ADDAMS – AmaliaRainwood Resident
Blueberry – Blueberryxx Resident – AVI’S CHOICE!
Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh
ISON – Harry Hyx
Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

Favorite Male Avatar Component Store

FATEeyes – Damien Fate
IKON – Ikon Innovia – AVI’S CHOICE!
Meli Imako – Meli Imako
SLink – Siddean Munro
The Shops! – TheMeshProject Resident

Favorite Male Mesh Body Store

Eve & Adam – Ginger Chevalier
Signature Mesh Avatar – Raph Dirval
SLINK – Siddean Munro – AVI’S CHOICE!
The Shops Featuring The Mesh Project! – TheShops Resident

Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Male

COLD ASH Virtual Fashion – ColdAsh Resident
Deadwool – Masa Plympton – AVI’S CHOICE!
GABRIEL – Takuya Jinn
Slink – Siddean Munro
Yasum Design – Azlyn Vaher

Favorite Tattoo Designer

Bolson Tattoo Store – ChewbaccaNotDead
Fallen Gods Inc. – Alia Baroque
Letis Tattoo – Leti Hax – AVI’S CHOICE!
TaoX TaTToo – 0Claudia0 Novaland
White Widow – Julie Hastings

Favorite Male Fashion Accessories

Mandala – kikunosuke Eel
RealEvil Industries – crashnoww Resident – AVI’S CHOICE!
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Wicca Merlin
Yasum Design – Azlyn Vaher
Zibska – zib scaggs

Favorite Female Fashion Accessories

Astralia – Astralia Resident
Dressed by Lexi – Lexi Roxan
Maxi Gossamer – Maxi Gossamer
Pure Poison – Shaleene Kenin – AVI’S CHOICE!
Wicca’s Wardrobe – Wicca Merlin

Favorite Adult Avatar Accessories

Aeros – Ray Silent – AVI’S CHOICE!
Lolas Tango – Sandi Moonites
RealEvil Industries – crashnoww
Secrets – Dryka Loon
Xcite – Javier Puff

Favorite Male Shoe Designer

Deadwool – Masa Plympton
Gabriel -Takuya Jinn
Hoorenbeek – Ansor Hoorenbeek
Redgrave – Emilia Redgrave

Favorite Female Shoe Designer

Empire – QUEENshop
Essenz – Senzati0n Domenitzo
KC Couture – Klari55a
N-Core Design – nuria Augapfel
REIGN – Kenadeecole & illy Miami – AVI’S CHOICE!

“Favorite Lingerie/Hosiery/
Pajamas Designer”

Blacklace – Mariska Simons
Carries Lingerie – Carrie Bridger
Dirty Princess – Skyler Lebed
Erratic – erratic rain – AVI’S CHOICE!
Mon Chéri – Freya Olivieri

Favorite Women’s Formal Apparel

Azul – Mami Jewell
Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh
Just Because – Annie Melson – AVI’S CHOICE!
PurpleMoon Creations – Poulet Koenkamp
Sascha’s Designs – Sascha Frangilli

Favorite Women’s Casual Apparel

Addams – AmaliaRainwood
Blueberry – Blueberryxx – AVI’S CHOICE!
Dead Dollz – Kiddo Oh
Hilly Haalan – Hilly Haalan
Maitreya – Onyx LeShelle

Favorite Kids Apparel

{Little Miss} – Diane Kimagawa
Chunky Monkey Babies – Hanna Redrose
Little Badz Inc – BadSuzie Resident
Sweet Tot’s – SweetiePie Riggles – AVI’S CHOICE!
Tayler Designs – lauratayler

Favorite Men’s Formal Apparel

Adam Edelstein Couture – iothman
Deadwool – Masa Plympton – AVI’S CHOICE!
Gabriel – Takuya Jinn
Hoorenbeek – Ansor Hoorenbeek
Utopia – Saby Clary

Favorite Men’s Casual Apparel

::Gabriel:: – Takuya Jinn – AVI’S CHOICE!
Cold Ash – Cold Ash
Deadwool – Masa Plympton
GizzA – Giz Seorn and Auster Elan
Redgrave – Dean Ashby

Favorite Male Fashion Model

Caesar Langer
Cubito Smit
Cyle Parx
Hikaru Enimo – AVI’S CHOICE!
Steele Sirnah

Favorite Female Fashion Model

Linda Reddevil
Seashell Dench – AVI’S CHOICE!
shena Neox
VanessaDelRio Underwood
Wicca Merlin

Favorite Avatar Designer

EliteEquestrian – HoneyHeartTwo
IMMORTALS – Isabelle Torok – AVI’S CHOICE!
PlayFullMesh – BRIANNA Passiflora
Water Horse – Tyrian Slade

Favorite Fashion Modeling/Agency/
Instruction Course

K Haute Couture – Kain Aristocrat
L’Amour University of Fashion – Ava Jhamin
Regal Academy – Eibhline Resident
SCALA – Kryptonia Paperdoll and Seashell Dench – AVI’S CHOICE!
VERSUS High Modelling Institute – Shena

Favorite Pose Maker

*PosESioN* Pose Store – Dahriel
Del May Poses – Del May
Glitter Poses – Shine Messmer
Image Essentials – Kay Weston
Purple Poses – Audrey Guter – AVI’S CHOICE!


Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical

BOSL & CO (Best of SecondLife) – Reign Congrejo
L’Homme Magazine SL – Hikaru Enimo
LTD – Love To Decorate – Editorial Clarity – AVI’S CHOICE!
Prim Perfect – Saffia Widdershins
SL Enquirer – Lanai Jarrico

Favorite SL Radio Station

Blues Music Fan Radio – Jordan Morgenrote
Classic Rock 109 – West Habercom – AVI’S CHOICE!
Radio Riel – Gabrielle Riel
SL Live Radio – Esme Capelo and Thorn Andel
The Gorean Whip Radio – Brett Bertolucci

Favorite SL Recorded Show

Designing Worlds – Saffia Widdershins, Aisling Sinclair and Elrik Merlin
Drax Files – Draxtor Despres – AVI’S CHOICE!
Happy Hunting! – Angie Mornington, Cinders Vale and Saffia Widdershins

Favorite Machinima Artist / Videographer

Draxtor Despres
Foxie Okelly
Robert69 Little
Sophia Yates

Favorite Art Gallery

Art for the Soul – Jonquel Jiagu
Paris Metro: Art Gallery – rfb morpork
Rainbow Painters – Timo Dumpling
The Rose Theater – Kaya Angel – AVI’S CHOICE!
The Vordun Museum and Gallery – Jake Vordun

Favorite Artist

Cica Ghost
Kody Meyers – Helsop
Molly Bloom
Toysoldier Thor

Favorite Photographer/Studio

Chezza Slade
Foxy Dinzeo
Skip Staheli – AVI’S CHOICE!
Tehran Hammand
Wildstar Beaumont

Favorite Dance/Photography/Media Tool

Abranimations Dance HUD – Abramelin Wolfe – AVI’S CHOICE!
AnyPose BVH – Phate Shepherd
HUDDLES – Keiki Lemieux
LUMIPro – Stefan Buscaylet
Spot On Choreography – Galilla Sinatra, Rug Halberd and Martin Yeats

Favorite Theater Production/Venue

Guerilla Burlesque at Idle Rogue – chryblnd Scribe
Misfit Dance & Performance Art & Misfit Forest Theater – JenzZa Misfit
Moulin Rouge – Xanthia Lisle – AVI’S CHOICE!
Phoenix Dance Team – SouthernComfort Magic
The Rose Theatre – Kaya Angel

Favorite Tribute Show

Bad Ampitude – Vampira Voom – AVI’S CHOICE!
David Bowie Tribute – chryblnd Scribe
Kickstart INC. Concerts – BigMike Carver
Lightning Strikes – malia Gustafson
Rebel Yell Concerts – Lestat Zalivstok and Guiltyangel Rhapsody

Favorite Dance (Troupe) Performers or Show

Flash Dancers – Trouble Maker
Guerilla Burlesque – Chryblnd Scribe – AVI’S CHOICE!
Rebel Yell Concerts – Lestat Zalivstok and Guiltyangel Rhapsody
Spirit Light Dance Company – Caryl Meredith
The Moulin Rouge – Xanthia Martian

Favorite Dance Choreographer

BabypeaVonPhoenix Bikergrrl
Jenna Dirval – AVI’S CHOICE!
JenzZa Misfit
Lestat Zalivstok
Windsong Charming

Favorite Dance Animations

A&M MOCAP Animation Workshop – Shadow Farstrider
MOVE Animations Cologne – Jasonbodylanguage Resident
There In Spirit – Dancing Lemon
Vista Animations – Vista Barnes

Favorite Stage or Theater Set Design

Bad Ampitude – Vampira Voom
Elysium City Of Templemore – Luis Lockjaw
Kickstart Concerts – Mike
Misfit Dance & Performance Art – Jenzza Misfit
Rebel Yell Concerts – Lestat Zalivstok and GuiltyAngel Rhapsody – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Gestures Maker

Brea Skytower – AVI’S CHOICE!
Tara Morane Zsun
Vanilla Latee

Favorite Media Stream Provider

iShout – Lizard the Wizard
Pure Power Streams – Nighthawk Quicksand
Shoutcastnet – Sorin Todys
Vside-Radio Steams – Scots Paul

Favorite Country Singer

Johnny Paramour
Lee Winegarden
Savannah Coronet – AVI’S CHOICE!
Savannah Rain
Travis Overland

Favorite Pop Singer

Bubbles (Trinity Ermintrood)
Lisa Brune
Maximillion Kleene – AVI’S CHOICE!
Noma Falta
Phemie Alcott

Favorite Blues Singer

Bubbles Song (Trinity Ermintrood)
Gina Gracemount
Jimmyt 49 Dukes
Noma Falta – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Jazz Singer/Musician

Harry Frychester
Luciano Lionheart
Miss Cast
Noma Falta – AVI’S CHOICE!
Voodoo Shilton

Favorite Singer in Standards, Classical or Ballads

Bubbles (trinity.ermintrood)
Harry Frychester
Luciano Lionheart
Samm Qendra – AVI’S CHOICE!
The Pink Vampire

Favorite Singing Group (two or more)

Effinjay – Jaycatt Nico and Frogg Marlowe
Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog
The Follow – Powers Avon, Troy Shoreland and Aj Darkwatch
The QuadRadiX – Maximillion Kleene, Benude Cleanslate, Sabian Inglewood and Denny Mac (aramanca Resident) – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Female Singer

Caasi Ansar
Noma Falta
Samm Qendra – AVI’S CHOICE!
Savannah Coronet
Savannah Rain

Favorite Male Singer

Jeffah24 Resident
Key Drammond
Luciano Lionheart – AVI’S CHOICE!
Maximillion Kleene

Favorite Music Management Individual, Team or Business

Dirval Greenwood Artists – Carol Greenwood and Jenna Dirval
Hazel Snowflake – AVI’S CHOICE!
jorrdan Jarman – Whispering Sands Live Promotions
Keys Management Group – Liz Wake (Harley)
Vargas & Associates – Kat Vargas

Favorite Live Music Venue

Acoustic Cave – MaxPower Godric and Shauna (Kelberry) Godric – AVI’S CHOICE!
After Dark Lounge – Meegan Danitz
Oz Nightclub – Tymus Tenk & Truck Meredith
Two Moon Paradise – Shiran Sabra
Wildcat Country – Jarrod Ramer

Favorite DJ/Streamed Music Club/Venue

Big Daddy’s 80’s Club – AVI’S CHOICE!
Black Horse Country
Hotlanta blues
Muddy’s Cafe
Wet Willies Classic Rock Club

Favorite Favorite Club DJ – Female

CowGrl (cowgrl Crystal)
Exx Magic (Exxxquisite Magic)
Ima Lionheart (ImaInnocent Jewell)
Moonkissy (MoonKiss Unplugged)
Tril MacLeod (Trilsae Resident) – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Radio DJ

Gabrielle Riel – Radio Riel
Shamas Maximus – Rock On The Rise Radio
Siobban Smythe – Blues Music Fan Radio
Thorn Andel – SL Live Radio
Trader Whiplash – T1 Radio – AVI’S CHOICE!

Favorite Club or Venue Host or Hostess

Gabie Meads – AVI’S CHOICE!
LadyGlory Eales
Luminous Destiny

Favorite Favorite Club DJ – Male

Bard Wasp – AVI’S CHOICE!
Blake Hambleton
Connor MacLeod (ConnorEMacleod Resident)
Ry Heslop
Titan Hawksby




2016-avi-choice-awards-posterThe Avi Choice Awards Program will be held on Dec 4th, 2016 at 1pm SLT.  This grand finale for the Avi Choice Awards is shaping up to be a fantastic show!  The show will be hosted byT1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  Presenting the SLIFE Awards will be Saffia Widdershins & Elrik Merlin;  the FASHION Awards will be Persia Bravin & Frolic Mills and the ARTS Awards will be Jill MacKenzie and LuvofMusic.

Performances at this year’s Awards will be brought to you by, fabulous vocalists:  Savannah Rain, AleyKat, Christopher Quan and Luciano Lionheart.  Dance troupes and choreographers include BabyPeaVonPhoenix Bikergrl,  SexyS Quintessa, Diiar Vader Shippe and Royal Shippe and the Monarch Dance Troupe. This year there will be a short pre-show brought to you by the Monarch Dance Troupe, as well.

THANK YOU to our fantastic sponsors!  We have had the best response ever from businesses and residents of SL who support us and our quest to applaud favorites in a virtual world.  Without them, we likely wouldn’t be able to present our Avi Choice recipients in such a fun and spectacular way.  Click on the links below for interviews with our Premiere Sponsors and learn more about them.  The FINALE Awards program is brought to you by this year’s

Awesome Breed Creations
★Hollywood Ballroom
Machinima Film Productions / Film Strip – Sophia Yates
Port Elysium News
Regal Academy – Agency
★Serena Estates
Shoenique Designs / J&W Jewelers
★SL Playboy Mansion & Club
The Grove Country Club Estates
Tiffany’s NightClub
★Ville de Coeur

★CeeAr Enterprises
★CyberStar Entertainment
★DGA – Dirval Greenwood Artists
★The Keys Management Group
★ThunderStorm Entertainment
★Whispering Sands Promotions

Gift bags will be available in the Variety Hall Lobby for audience members. Dress code at the Avi Choice Awards is formal. The Avi Choice sims will open to the public following the show and all are invited to the Awards After-Party, which is expected to begin at approximately 3:15pm SLT and will be hosted by T1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash & Nuala Maracas.  Audience seating will be limited to accommodate approximately 85 audience attendees. Ticket prices will be 400L and seating location will be chosen by the ticket holder on a first come, first served basis. The Avi Choice Awards sims will be closed to the general public and ticket holders will have access to the region that the audience seating is on, at 10 am SLT on the 4th.   There will be a cam over viewing area for those who are unable to get a ticket.  Access to that viewing area will be by fee payable to a Relay For Life Vendor at the neighboring Xmas Expo! There will be sponsor displays in the lobby area for shopping Thursday the 2nd, Friday the 3rd, as well as lots of shopping at the next door Xmas Expo.  While visiting the Avi Choice sims, be sure and visit The American Cancer Society Island adjacent sim.

If you are interested in reserving tickets for the Show on Dec 4th, please click the link below and follow the instructions.  PLEASE NOTE: Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.  Some limits may apply. Ticket fees are non-refundable but you may transfer them to someone else, if you are unable to attend.  All ticket transfers must be requested up to two hours before showtime.  NO tickets will be transferrable after 11am SLT on Dec 4th. Thank you for your interest and support of the Avi Choice Awards.

Click HERE to reserve your tickets NOW before they’re gone!




The Avi Choice Variety Hall has housed the fabulous Awards show for the past three years! This beautiful structure was created entirely by Dextresis Dejavu of Digitize! Thank you, Dex!! Photo by Avi Choice's Roman Godde
The Avi Choice Variety Hall sets the scene for the best in talent and creations of Second Life! This beautiful structure was created entirely by Dextresis Dejavu of Digitize! Thank you, Dex!! Photo by Avi Choice’s Roman Godde

The Avi Choice Awards Voting has begun with opportunities in 3 areas to choose your favorites. Thank you for submitting nominations to the SLife, Fashion and Arts Awards. Voting will close on Nov 28th at 5pm SLT. Awards will be presented on Dec 4th at 1pm SLT with a fantastic show.  This is our final Awards Show for Avi Choice. We’re busy putting together a spectacular finale that includes Award presentations by Saffia Widdershins, Elrik Merlin, Frolic Mills, Persia Bravin, Luv of Music and Samual Wetherby. Performers include Savannah Rain, AleyKat, Christopher Quan and Luciano Lionheart with choreography by BabyPeaVonPhoenix, SexyQuintessa, Diiar and Royal Shippe. Tickets will be on sale via this website only.. stay tuned for ticket sales date.

Thank you to our Premiere Sponsors.  
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There are still sponsor and advertiser spots available. Please visit HERE if you’d like more information about sponsoring this final Awards Program!

Cast your votes now..  Voting ends Nov 28th at 5pm.  As always, voting is limited to 1 vote per person, per category.  Thank you for joining with us to applaud our favorites in Second Life!





 Avi Choice Variety HallTHIS IS IT!!

We’ve had so many inquiries into the future of the Avi Choice Awards.  It has been a full year for the skeleton crew we keep here at the Avi’s and we’ve not been able to keep the site updated, as we should have.  As announced during last year’s Avi Choice Fashion Awards, we are retiring the Awards, as we know them.  We are talking about continuing our mission forward in some way, but as of this post, we are just in discussion.  But for now.. we have an announcement to make!

On December 4th, 2016 we will host one more Avi Choice Awards!  The GRAND FINALE!  This one will take us back to the early days of our Awards when we had one program a year celebrating as many recipients in all three genre’s as we could.  Our first category we’ll present will be the SLife Awards who were skipped this past summer.  So, this area will have the most categories presented during this winter presentation.

After the SLife Awards are presented, there will be presentation of specific categories in the Fashion and Arts categories.  We’ll be joined by a wonderful array of Second Life performers, musicians and presenters.  There will be some special mentions and moments as we all say our goodbyes to what has become an amazing part of Second Life history.  This program will be the conclusion of the Avi Choice Awards, as we know them.  It’s been a good run and we could not have done it without support and cooperation and input from the amazing virtual community known as Second Life.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Please join us by submitting your nominees for this year’s Awards.  Then come back and vote on the finalists and lastly, join us at the Ceremony in December.  There will be lots more info coming in future weeks about the program, but for now here are the details around the awards themselves.

It’s time for the FINAL Avi Choice Awards Nominations!

The nominations have opened for Avi Choice SLife, Arts and Fashion Awards. If you want to submit your favorites to receive an award at this year’s show, now is the time to do it! Follow these links and let us know who you’d like to see put up for vote this year.  Take the time to look through each list of categories to determine if you want to submit nominees in each genre.

the Arts

The deadline for Avi Choice nominee submissions is October 12th at 8pm SLT. All nominations are subject to a final consolidating process.  The process to narrowing down the nominees to a maximum final 10 will include those who have received a minimum of three nominations from three separate individuals as well as nominations and deliberation by a private panel.  Those finalists will then be put up to vote on November 3rd no later than midnight.  The number of candidates per category, for voting, will be no more than 10 nominees.  Voting WILL be limited to one vote per avatar/resident, per category.  The Avi Choice Awards voting will close on November 28th at 3pm SLT.

Winners will be announced at the Avi Choice Awards Show on December 4th.



ACA arts poster v3The Avi Choice Awards – the Arts Program will be held on Feb 28th, 2016 at 1pm SLT.  As announced in December at the Fashion Awards, the Avi Choice Awards are in the midst of it’s final year and the last Awards show for the Arts is shaping up to be an unforgettable and inspiring experience!  The show will be hosted byT1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  Presenting awards will be Samual Wetherby of Showtime Magazine and SecondLife performer LuvofMusic, for the first set of categories and Designing World’s Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin,  who are this year’s second set of presenters.

Performances at this year’s Arts Awards will be tributes to past and present stars and will bring to the Avi Choice stage, fabulous vocalists:  Phil Setner, Viviana Houston and Jeffah.  Dance troupes and choreographers include Diiar Vader, Myth Raven, Chrissy Rhiano and Royal Flush (Royal Shippe) of the Rompers Dance Troupe and TersiCorps.  Leading us into an amazing finale performance will be a special appearance by Relay For Life’s Stingray Raymaker.

THANK YOU to our fantastic sponsors!  We have had the best response ever from businesses and residents of SL who support us and our quest to applaud favorites in a virtual world.  Without them, we likely wouldn’t be able to present our Avi Choice recipients in such a fun and spectacular way.  Watch this website for interviews with our Premiere and Platinum Sponsors.  The Arts Awards program is brought to you by this year’s

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The show will be broadcast online at http://tunein.com/radio/T1-Radio-s113797/

Gift bags will be available in the Variety Hall Lobby for audience members. Dress code at the Avi Choice Awards is formal. The Avi Choice sims will open to the public following the show and all are invited to the Awards After-Party, which is expected to begin at approximately 3pm SLT and will feature a full concert by the wonderful performer, Viviana Houston.  Audience seating will be limited to accommodate approximately 85 audience attendees. Ticket prices will be 300L and seating location will be chosen by the ticket holder on a first come, first served basis. The Avi Choice Awards sims will be closed to the general public and ticket holders will have access to the region that the audience seating is on, at 10 am SLT on the 28th.

Tickets are SOLD OUT !

Voting closes on February 21st, spread the word to those who haven’t voted yet!  The nominations and voting results do not reflect the opinions/choices of Avi Choice Awards coordinators or staff members. These were nominated and voted on by website visitors and SL residents in hopes of giving their favorites some appreciation and recognition.. NOT for them to declare who is best. Staff of the Avi Choice Awards are not permitted to nominate or vote on Avi Choice Award candidates.


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