the Categories


AC FB logo alphaHere is the list of categories for each of the Avi Choice Awards areas to be presented at the show on Dec. 4th.


Favorite Holiday Store
Favorite Furniture Creator
Favorite Kids Furniture
Favorite Home Builder
Favorite Home Accessories
Favorite Commercial Design
Favorite Full Perm Mesh Designer
Favorite Garden & Landscaping Store
Favorite Sim to Explore Through
Favorite Sim Designer/Creator
Favorite Place to Take a Date
Favorite Wedding Coordinator
Favorite Wedding Venue
Favorite Shopping Region
Favorite Adult Sim
Favorite Adult Venue
Favorite Role Play Location
Favorite SL Social Network Site or Community Forum
Favorite Blog or Website, Overall (all three genres)
Favorite Blogger, Overall (all three genres)
Favorite Customer Service, Overall (all three genres)
Favorite Annual Event, Overall (all three genres)
Favorite Holiday Event or Production
Favorite Shopping Event
Favorite Gacha Event
Favorite SL Sporting Event
Favorite Gaming Location
Favorite Hunt Organizer
Favorite Land (Rent or Sell)Company
Favorite Vehicles – Land, Sea, Air
Favorite Breedable
Favorite Breedable Market
Favorite Non-Breedable Pet Creator
Favorite Female AO Creator
Favorite Male AO Creator
Favorite Full Perm Animations
Favorite Second Life (inworld) Group
Favorite Texture Store


Favorite Jewelry Store
Favorite Female Skin Designer
Favorite Cosmetics Designer
Favorite Male Skin Designer
Favorite Female Hair Designer
Favorite Male Hair Designer
Favorite Female Mesh Body Store
Favorite Female Avatar Component Store (not mesh body, includes eyes, heads and parts)
Favorite Male Mesh Body Store
Favorite Male Avatar Component Store (not mesh body, includes eyes, heads and parts)
Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Female
Favorite Mesh Body Compatible Clothing – Male
Favorite Adult Avatar Accessories
Favorite Female Fashion Accessories
Favorite Male Fashion Accessories
Favorite Tattoo Designer
Favorite Female Shoe Designer
Favorite Male Shoe Designer
Favorite Women’s Casual Apparel
Favorite Women’s Formal Apparel
Favorite Lingerie, Hosiery or Pajamas Designer
Favorite Men’s Casual Apparel
Favorite Men’s Formal Apparel
Favorite Kids Apparel
Favorite Avatar Designer
Favorite Female Fashion Model
Favorite Male Fashion Model
Favorite Fashion Modeling/Fashion Agency/Instruction Course
Favorite Pose Maker

the ARTS

Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical
Favorite SL Radio Station
Favorite SL Recorded Show
Favorite Machinima Artist / Videographer
Favorite Art Gallery
Favorite Artist
Favorite Photographer/Studio
Favorite Dance/Photography/Media Tool
Favorite Theater/Production Venue
Favorite Tribute Show
Favorite Dance (Troupe) Performers or Show
Favorite Dance or Theater Choreographer
Favorite Dance Animations
Favorite Stage or Theater Set Design
Favorite Gestures Maker
Favorite Media Stream Provider
Favorite Country Singer
Favorite Pop Singer
Favorite Jazz Singer/Musician
Favorite Blues Singer
Favorite Singer in Standards, Classical or Ballads
Favorite Singing Group (2 or more performers)
Favorite Male Singer
Favorite Female Singer
Favorite Musician Management Individual, Team or Business
Favorite Live Music Venue
DJ/Streamed Music Club/Venue
Favorite Club or Venue Host or Hostess
Favorite Club DJ – Female
Favorite Club DJ – Male
Favorite Radio DJ





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