*Tiffany’s Night Club

Tiffany's--LogoWe asked each of our sponsors to answer the same questions so that we could shine the Avi Choice Spotlight on them and share with our website guests.  Read on to see how each one answered and visit them inworld!  When you’re there, tell them AviChoice said HELLO!


Q:  When did you arrive in SL the first time and what brought you to Second Life?

A: September 10th 2010: I had friends staying with me and we were watching a program  I think 20/20 about second life.. I own a Costume shop in real life and it was during my Halloween season. I joined the next day and the rest is history.. ( made a lot of money in RL that Halloween selling long black hair to men from seeing the avatars in costumes and the hair they were wearing.

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve spent your Second Life?  Hobbies, interests.. things you’ve learned along the way ?

A: The first year of my life in Second life I  spent being a newbie  on a sim that became my home for which I still have a house there. I spent a lot of time exploring some very great Sims for which I am sorry to say are no longer around.  2012 I started working at different jobs looking for a job that I fit into.  I found Hostessing the job that suited me very well. I have hosted in Many of the bigger clubs and the  small ones. Working with the Owners, Managers, and other hostesses, taught me what I wanted to do. I love and have designed gardens for people and wanted to design sets in a club. This is something that crosses over from real life.  Starting and owning a club with Merry Felwitch as been a beautiful ride.. We love what we do we do what we love..

Q:  Tell us about your business.  When was it founded?  How many organizers/founders?  How many SLers do you staff, etc?

A: Tiffany’s was born on 6-6-2015  from a set that Dj Merry Felwitch and I put together working for another club. We Created the Swing Kids.. from a movie by the same name we wanted to have a place that was set back during the prohibition, Al Capone and the bg bands. Doing Research we found the club of choice and was able to find a designer who made just what we were looking for. with the dark wood and stain glass it became Tiffany’s.. Our sets are Swing, and Jazz with the crooners on Friday nights.. Saturday is anything from Disco to relaxing love Ballads, Sunday is the Blues.. Monday is Broadway and the music of the movies.. Tuesday is Romance/R&B with Classic 50’s.  Wednesdays  is “50 Shades of Blues”. Thursdays Romance.. we have one hostess on the door as the door host and on one the floor. We employee 7 two males the rest Females.. All have been with us since opening.. We have two male DJ’s and two female’s. Owners of the club are Merry Felwitch and Gabriella Armundsen.



Q: Was there a special reason you chose to sponsor the Avi Choice Awards?

A:   I believe like in RL if you are part of a community you give back. The Avi Choice Awards is an organization that honors the endeavor of the people in the Entertainment industry. Selected by your peers. Voted on by those people that care and love you,, It does not make a difference who wins, the people that are nominated are nominated because they believe in the work they do.. and show it when they are working.

Q: Do you have any specific charities you support in SL?  if so, who and why?

A: We have wanted to support our wounded warriors.. In Rl my father was in the Military and was in Viet Nam. My husband died at 47 from Agent Orange (Cancer).. There are so many Veterans men and women along with their families that need our help. I do support them in RL.. We really want to host a USO event once a month that is a goal of mine..  When we go to stores we do donations for special events.

Q: Do you want to share a look at your life outside of  SL with us?  What do you or did you do for a living?  Does your family support your SL aspirations?

A: I own a Costume shop in RL and I also have a bookkeeping and tax service. I live in a very beautiful part of the country out west.  My family since they do not live in my home do not quit understand it. However, they do not give me any problems. At times get a laugh out of the stories I tell .

Q: Anything else you’d like us to know about you, a special mentor, friends or your business?

A: I always try to learn something new, this year with the help of two of Second life’s finest DJ’s. DJ merry felwitch and DJ Rob Carousel,  I am now DJing for the club.. I do the Jazz sets. I am new at it but I like it.. In Rl I love to travel and have been to a few countries. Italy Mainly, France, Egypt, Belgium, Grand Cayman Islands..  Elementary and High School years lived in Germany.


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