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logo-shoenique-jwWe asked each of our sponsors to answer the same questions so that we could shine the Avi Choice Spotlight on them and share with our website and magazine readers.  Read on to see how each one answered and visit them inworld!  When you’re there, tell them AviChoice said HELLO!

Ellie Monk & Wenadrenia Soderstrom

Q:  Hello! Thank you for sponsoring the Avi Choice Awards!
A:  It’s our pleasure.

Q:  When did you arrive in SL the first time and what brought you to Second Life?
A:  Both Ellie and Wenadrenia were looking for something online other then your regular online social game. We both arrived in 2007.

Q:  Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve spent your Second Life?  Hobbies, interests.. things you’ve learned along the way ?
A:  Shoenique and J&W is the most important part of our Second lives. We spend our time planning, designing , brainstorming. laughing and running a very successful retail store. We help each other and inspire what is created for the current fashion trending woman. We believe our hobbies are laughing and designing.

Q:  Please tell us about your business in SL.  What do you sell/promote/service?  When was it founded?  How many organizers/founders?  How many SLers do you staff, etc?
A:  Both Shoenique was born in 2001  and J&W was born in 2008. Both were founded by owners Ellie monk for Shoenique and Wenadrenia for J&W. Both Businesses were founded with great love for building and the fact that there was a need for the items that where created. Ellie wanted to bring shoes into SL without bling and Wenadrenia wanted to bring jewelry that was fun and not the usual pendant on  a chain. Both had style and great vision when it comes to creation taking a simple prim or mesh gown and turning it into a work of art. Shoenique Designs and J&W Jewelers promote Quality fashion at an affordable price. Our motto is why have a gown or jewelry at thousands of lindens and have only one or two enjoy it when you can have many happy fashion forward ladies wearing them. Shoenique Designs and J&W Jewelers believe that the customer comes first… I know what a concept in such a immediate satisfaction world we live in.  We take the time to walk through even a simple procedure such as, how to wear or see an item and if we need to go to the customer and help them live we are there for them. The store staffs about Seven employees at this time, but we see a future and growth ahead.

Q:  Was there a special reason you chose to sponsor this final Avi Choice Awards?
A:  Like ourselves, being selected for such an award is a great honor. We feel that with continuing support  this honor will be around for a long time. It also gives the creators pride to have such an award that is “Customer Drive” in their store. We feel that sponsoring such an award and event will continue to raise the bar in creativity, satisfaction and customer care.

Q: Do you have any specific charities you support in SL?  if so, who and why?
A:  Shoenique Designs and J&W Jewelers believe it is very important to help support charities as we say here “PAY IT FORWARD AND IT WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE” and we strongly feel this. We are proud to support Toys for Tots, MS, Ronald McDonald House, Relay For Life, Diabetes research, AIDS awareness and the list is growing as we continue.

Q: Do you want to share a look at your life outside of  SL with us?  What do you or did you do for a living?  Does your family support your SL aspirations?
A:  Ellie Monk (Justine) is a full time Events coordinator for a aging group home in the UK. She is married to a wonderful man who supports her SL aspirations and desires to create and design. Ellie has a knack for art. She is a stage actress and is very active in stage production creating scene paintings for the plays she is involved in. She also enjoys making designer cakes. amazing work that in a range of beautiful wedding tiered cakes to motorcycles to a tiffany’s gift box with a heart charm off the side. Her creativity is endless.
Wenadrenia Soderstrom is a full time CNA caring for her mom. She teaches a painting class every month at a local college. Wenadrenia  designs and paints shoes and purses that depict anything from sports themes to baby births etc.  She aspires to be an artist which includes sculpture, painting, glass work, jewelry design and Print making. She is also paints shoes twice a month for children with terminal condition. she believes a smile from a child is one of the  most precious gifts a person can receive.

Q: Anything else you’d like us to know about you, a special mentor, friends or your business?
A:  Shoenique Designs and J&W Jewelers would just like to extend a huge many thanks to all that support and enjoy their creations and to look forward to all the new goodies to come.


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