2011 Awards

AC FB logo alphaHere is a list of Your 2011 Avi Awards Choices!

Favorite Dance Animations – Craig Altman – Bits and Bobs Animations

Favorite Female AO Creator – Vista Barnes – Vista Barnes Animations

Favorite Male AO Creator – Vista Barnes – Vista Animiations

Favorite Shopping Region – Agtaope Carter – Rodeo Drive

Favorite Jewelry Store – Abraxxa Anatine – Earthstones Jewelry

Favorite Skin Designer – Mallory Cowen – LAQ

Favorite Hair Designer – Truth Hawks – Truth

Favorite Shoe Designer – Claire Messenger – N-Core

Favorite Holiday Store – Minke Bailey – MB-Creation

Favorite Furniture Creator – Winter Thorn – What Next

Favorite Home Builder – Winter Thorn – What Next

Favorite Breedable – Moxie Polano – Meeroos

Favorite SL Radio Station – Frolic Mills – BOSL

Favorite DJ- Oshee Yumako

Favorite Rock Club – Lacey Milestone – Sanctuary Rock Club

Favorite Formal Venue – Nanceeee & Gymmy Sinatra – Frank’s Elite Jazz Club

Favorite Live Music Venue – Reborn Wingtips & Mara Menges – RMS Titanic

Favorite Country Singer – Savannah Coronet

Favorite Pop Singer – Antonio Galloway

Favorite Rock Singer – Skye Galaxy

Favorite SL Musical Group – Powers Avon – The Follow

Favorite Singing Duo – Erin68Frogg and Satin Galli

Favorite Female Musician – Noma Falta

Favorite Male Musician – Russell Eponym

Favorite Women’s Apparel – Sascha Frangilli – Sascha’s Designs

Favorite Men’s Apparel – edo Tone – Styles of edo

Favorite Garden and Landscape Store – Lilith Heart – Dolly and Lilith’s Garden Centre

Favorite SL TV Show – Robustus Hax – Metaverse TV

Favorite Magazine, Newspaper or Periodical – Frolic Mills – Best of SL

Favorite Sporting Event – Mr RacerX Nitely-Bunny  (racerx.gullwing) -Giant Snail Race

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