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Closer to the Avi Choice Magazine Launch!

Avi Choice Magazine featuring SL's great writers and photographers will launch on Oct. 3rd, 2014!
Avi Choice Magazine featuring SL’s great writers and photographers and stories from the community we all know and love, Second Life, will launch on Oct. 3rd, 2014!

The Avi Choice Magazine will launch on Oct. 3rd with an official launch party set for Oct. 4th, 2014.

it’s OUR community, with SO much to boast about.  Second Life is a platform that lets us shine and we’ll shout it from the Avi Choice rooftops.  WELCOME to Avi Choice Magazine!

For special DEBUT EDITION ad rates, please follow this link.  Have some great Second Life news?  Do you know of an interesting location for an entertaining Avi Choice Magazine photo op?  Let us know by filling in the form here.  Are you a freelance writer or photographer and would like to be one of the Avi Choice crew?  Let us know!


Exciting Change is Coming to the ACA’s!

Audience members seated and ready for the beginning of the 2013 Avi Choice Awards.  Every seat in the house was filled and what a show it was!
Audience members seated and ready for the beginning of the 2013 Avi Choice Awards. Every seat in the house was filled and what a show it was!


Yes, you read it right.  The Avi Choice Awards is growing and facing some fun changes!  We’ve had great suggestions sent in during the three years of existence.  Good suggestions are always considered and discussed among ACA staff members and we thank you for sending them in.

Some of the changes in the works are:

-  splitting the ACA’s into THREE different segments with three separate award shows, one for each.

**The Avi Choice Fashion Awards will take place during the upcoming Christmas, 2014 season.

**Avi Choice S LIFE Awards will take place during the summer of 2015.

**The Avi Choice Awards ~ the Arts will take place early fall of 2015.

Each category will have an expert panel assigned to them who will verify every nomination received to ensure that it fits within the category it’s nominated to.  If you are interested in being one of those EXPERT CONSULTANTS, please follow this link and let us know!  After nominations pass through an expert panel, another panel will notify each nominee that they have been entered for an award.  We have always removed nominees from the vote if they inform us that they do not want to participate and we will continue to honor their wishes, with appreciation and respect.  Eventually final nominees will be set up for voting.  Voting has ALWAYS been subjected to ONE vote per person, per category and that procedure will continue.

Each award show will be held at an Avi Choice organized event and will include a premier and formal Awards Presentation, as always.  Efforts will be increased to reach even more SL residents in order to give them ample time to nominate their favorites and (later on) cast their vote for SL favorites.

We are continuing to consult with advisors and SL residents to get more suggestions  on how we can make the Avi Choice Awards better.  It is a fun and exciting way to honor talent and creativity within our SL community.

Now is a great time to answer a couple questions that have come up.  “Isn’t Avi Choice Awards nothing but a popularity contest?”  Well, in a sense it is but really it’s more than that.  Consider this… If a designer is appreciated so much that they are nominated by a resident and they receive a vote from each group member in their large group, sure.. that’s a popular designer and they are going to have a lot of votes and yep.. it’s called popularity.  It’s important to consider, however, that the designer began somewhere.  He or she, more than likely, didn’t have an already well established business handed to them.  We are equal opportunity. A creator, designer, artist, avi choice candidate who has been nominated and received even one vote is popular to some extent, don’t you think?  The important thing is that residents have this opportunity to honor their favorites.  No one here is saying, ‘best.’  We’re providing Second Life residents with an opportunity to say in  a formal, organized fashion that they’re impressed with talent, creativity, imagination and good old fashioned hard work.  The response we get each year inworld and on the website certainly backs that up.

Is the voting fixed?  If not, why don’t you show the vote counts?  We might decide to do that.  The ACA voting is not fixed.  We use poll daddy and limit voting to one per resident in each category.  Staff members are not eligible for awards and are not allowed to cast even a single vote.  The decision was made, from the beginning, not to announce vote totals out of respect to the nominees.  The Avi Choice reputation is important and while we readily agree we have areas to improve on, and are excited to do just that, we stand firm and insistent that the voting is not pre-arranged or tainted by going through all the work we do, to just choose the favorites ourselves. We would appreciate if the FEW who have made that comment to try to look at Avi Choice vote results from a positive outlook rather than a negative, condemning one.  However, we do appreciate the comments being sent to us, giving us the opportunity to address and respond.  We are currently revisiting  the decision not to reveal vote counts and accepting advice from professionals and past nominees/winners, while reconsidering it.

Do you have suggestions that you think would be great for The Avi Choice Awards?  We’d love to hear them.  Please go to this link and give us your suggestions.  THANK YOU for your interest in continuing this incredible program and for sending us your thoughts.


favorites in a virtual world ~ http://avichoice.com ~ http://avichoiceawards.com


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