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Avi Choice Awards UPDATE!

Everything is coming together! We are rapidly approaching the 15th and before we know it, it will be SHOWTIME! A few updates, though…

aviewtv logo 1280 x 720 V4AviewTV has been working closely with us here at the ACAs to bring quality, LIVE broadcasting to the residents of Second Life. They will have cameras right at the stage and will provide HUDS for our guests to use, directly on their own monitors. These HUDS are modable, so the user can stretch them as large as they’d like. No matter where you’re seated during the Avi Choice Awards, you can now have the same as a FRONT ROW SEAT! Those who can’t make it into either auditorium will be able to watch the Avi’s LIVE on AviewTVs website at: Additionally, there will be two remote viewing screens available at other locations on the grid and we’ll announce those destinations on Saturday.

For the nominees.. Last year we tried to give every nominee the opportunity to send us a brief ‘acceptance statement’ which our presenters read from the mic. That won’t be possible to do this year, partially due to the fact that we have 72 categories, but also because we want to keep the show as close to 2 hours as we can and that wouldn’t be possible if we read a thank you from 72 award recipients, when they were announced. SO, AviewTV has again come to our rescue! The HUD that will be available at the viewing locations is interactive and has a chat box. Our nominees, in the event of a win, will be able to type their short acceptance statement directly onto the chat, LIVE, when their name is announced. There will be a screen onstage that will show their statement(s) as they post it. Thank you to LaPiscean Liberty, Emmo We and PetLove Petshop of AviewTV for all the assistance you’ve provided the Avi’s!  You are part of an amazing group of people who are working hard to take the Avi Choice Awards to an all new level.

01 T1Radio Sign - v2011T1 Radio will again be broadcasting this years awards show LIVE and returning as this years hosts will be T1 Radio’s Trader1 Whiplash and Nuala Maracas. To hear the audio portion of this years festivities, tune into Thank you, Trader and Nuala for not only hosting and broadcasting the audio, LIVE, across the internet, but also for sharing your talent in coordinating and streaming the entire show at the ACA locations.

An after-party update… Johnny Paramour has had to cancel his performance at the after-party. He is so disappointed that he’s not able to make it and so are we, but as we all know, things will and do come up. T1 Radio is making plans to close out the party with festive sounds of the season and it should be a fun final half hour of the after party. So, T1 Radio will be following the Satin & Erin and Savannah Coronet performances at the After-Party, which is expected to run from about 5:15 to 7:00pm SLT.

Finally, a TICKETS UPDATE. If you submitted the registration form, from this website, for tickets YOU’VE GOT MAIL. All confirmations were sent via the email addresses on your registration forms, and payment deadline for tickets is today, the 11th. We have many who want tickets, so please check your email so that you won’t have to lose your seats to someone else. Repeating, December 11th is the last day to pay for your ticket(s) if you registered via this website. Both auditoriums are filling up!! We ordered an additional sim to house as many of us as we could and we expect a record-setting sized audience. How exciting is that?! If you missed registrations, email with how many tickets you’d like and the complete SL name of those in your party they would go to and we’ll try to accommodate you in one of the locations, if we can.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the fact that the location is still being prepared and rehearsals are going on, the landmark will not be distributed until the 14th of December.  Thank you for your understanding.

That’s it for now!  Stay tuned for any additional last minute notes, as they occur.  We’re getting there..   and we’re so excited to get the show started  for the Avi Choice Awards 2013!!


Avi Choice Awards ~ Dec. 15 @ 3pm SLT

Avi Choice 2013 Poster v2

The Avi Choice Awards show will be held on December 15, 2013 at 3pm SLT.  This years show will again be hosted by T1 Radio’s Trader Whiplash and Nuala Maracas.  Presenting Avi Choices this year will be Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin of TREET TV’s Designing Worlds and Satin Galli and Erin68 Frog who are longtime SL performers and RL couple, too.  Both sets of presenters are nominees this year and have both won awards in past years.  Performances at this years extravaganza include the wonderful artistry of Particle Tom and Lexi, Therese Nightfire and the Guerilla Burlesque Dancers and first life band Wayne Davis Rocks.  The show will be another stunning example of the talent and brilliance available in our wonderful SL grid.

The Avi Choice Auditorium is complete and just absolutely stunning.  Provided by the multi-talented, Wayne Bentley, this years auditorium features lots of comfortable seating, fountains, a party area for the after party and more.  Situated on the corners of four sims, this huge structure is a magnificent place to hold such a prestigious event.

Tickets will be on sale beginning Monday, December 2nd and will be sold on a first-served basis.  Ticket prices will be 200L for balcony seating or 250L for floor seating.   All ticket proceeds will be donated to Relay For Life.  Each ticket-holder will be presented with a door gift and program upon arrival.  Dress for the evening is black tie/formal and all are invited to stay for an after party immediately following the show.  This years after party will feature entertainment provided by Satin & Erin, Savannah Coronet and Johnny Paramour.  Visit this link to reserve your tickets!!